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South Africa-Gypsum Powder Production Line 50000 tons


South Africa Project Case

Project Name:Chemical  Gypsum Powder&POP  Project

Project Capacity:
Gypsum Powder Line: 50000 tons/year
Plaster of Paris Line: 30000 tons/year 
Project Technology:Hot Air Boiling Furnace Technology
Project Current Situation:Running Well
Project Location: South Aprice 

Project Introduction :


This is our chemical gypsum powder project in South Africa. The customer is a well-known local building material supplier. The owner has been in the phosphogypsum industry for more than 40 years. They accumulated the phosphogypsum from power plants over the years, and sold to fertilizer plants and smelters after drying.
The customer has independently developed a rotary kiln gypsum powder production line before visiting us, while the finished products produced by their calcination technology could not meet their requirements due to the higher water content of phosphogypsum, 
In 2017, the customer came to visit and investigate almost all gypsum powder manufacturers in China, and finally chose us, because the customer was particularly satisfied with our gypsum powder boiling furnace technology and hammer dryer technology. It totally help customer solve their problems of high water content of gypsum powder and unstable quality of finished products.
The project has been finished and shipped to customer in March 2018. In September 2018, our engineers went to help customers install the machine, and the main engineer went to test and debug the machine in December 2018. It has only taken 5 days to run the machine and put it into production. Customers are very satisfied.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Please check more detailed introduction of our technology on Youtube:





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