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UZ-Gypsum Board 10,000,000 sqm per year


Middle Asia Project Case

Project Name:Natural Gypsum Powder&board Project

Project Capacity:
Gypsum Powder Line:150000 tons
Gypsum Board Line : 10Million sqm/year   

Project Technology:Hot Air  Technology

Project Current Situation:Running Well

Project Location:Middle Asia

Project Introduction

Dear, Our Uzbekistan project was in Bukhara, which is owned  by a Chinese man and Uzbekistan man together. 

For this project, our Chief engineer has only taken 5 days to run the whole gypsum powder production line and put it into production after installation, and our customer also felt surprised on it. While some manufacturers need more than one month to finish it or even some are unable to run it for production. 
Why we can let our customer let finished powder in 5 days after installation. 
Firstly, our calcining technology is different and more advanced than others manufactures.  
Secondly, it benefits from our experienced engineers who has investigated and tested many projects, especially in gypsum powder projects.
In addition, it's not just the simple assembling of each part for the gypsum powder project, but its important reasonable and professional design for the whole production line. 





Customer Message