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Business Communication

At first stage, we communicate with clients to make clear their requirement, and design the proposal accordingly.

Our Advantages

Rich Experience

Experience in Gypsum Technology Research Since 1994

Until the 2022 year, our company has been deeply working on gypsum projects for 25 years. Lots of critical technology developed by our group, such as boiling furnace, only our technology could support gypsum powder project of capacity 400000 tons/year

Experience of 100+ Projects Manufacture &Install Abroad And Domestic

Since 1994, we manufactured and installed more than 100 projects. So we could provide support from your start to researching your project to produce qualified finished products.

Professional Team

Experts Provide Professional Design For The Project

As we know, professional design is the 1st step to ensure a project is successful. We could dispatch our engineer abroad to explore on-site if the customer requires it.

Experienced Installation Group Gets Projects Into Production Quickly

How do we ensure the fact installation? Besides the “people”, we provide the installation documents which accompany our machinery, such as 《Installation tools list》,《Installation Estimated Schedule list》. In addition, we extra provide all the relevant documents to enhance your production, such as 《Responsibilities and Assignment Statement》,《Maintenance Manual 》and 《Raw Material and Spare part List》.

Market Department Members Provide Professional and Efficient Communication

We set up a zoom meeting once customers need support to transfer information between engineers accurately.

The Whole Group Provide A Powerful One-Stop Sourcing Service

We assist our customers in the procurement of all relevant spare parts, saving them time to the greatest extent and preventing downtime due to spare parts. At the same time, we ensure the maximum adaptability of the parts purchased later to the original equipment.

Full Range of Services

Pre-Sales: Full Cooperation With Pre-Preparation Work

In addition to the technical aspects of the project itself, our support also includes assisting clients in obtaining feasibility reports, government approvals, bank approvals, etc.

In-Sales: On-Time Reporting of Production Progress

You could inspect the production of your machine through photos and videos for the whole procedure.

After-Sales: Lifetime & 24h Technical Support

We offer a lifetime of technical support. Feel free to contact us for help with any technical issues,24 h available. We will also visit customers regularly to help them solve problems and assist to update formulas and equipment.

Irreplaceable Advantages

Case Projects Visiting Abroad On-Site & Online

We help our customers to train workers and guide production. Even we could arrange one engineer to help client run the factory for 1-2 years if customer require. Of cause it’s available for that customer dispatch engineer to study on our side.

Training To Workers & Engineers

You could inspect the production of your machine through photos and videos for the whole procedure.

Spare Part and Raw Material Supplying

We will prepare backup copies of the main wearing parts and send them to the customer with the equipment.