Installation regulations for gypsum board

1. The gypsum board of the wall should be installed sequentially from the end of one side of the wall. After installing one side, carry out the installation of concealed works such as various pipelines, sockets, switches, etc. in the wall. After the acceptance of the concealed project is completed, install the gypsum board on the other side.
2. The gypsum board should be laid vertically, and the long side joints should be installed on the vertical keel. The overlapping width of the gypsum board and the keel shall not be less than 20mm.
3. The lower edge (cut edge) of the gypsum board should be lifted by the top plate device, about 10mm from the ground, and should not be placed directly on the floor.
4. The edge of the gypsum board should be tight with the top of the floor, leaving no gaps. A 10mm gap should be left at the top of the sound insulation partition wall, and the sealant should be embedded.