What is the development prospect of gypsum board production equipment?

Gypsum board equipment, gypsum board equipment factory proposed that gypsum board will be mainly used in domestic ceiling decoration in the future. From the perspective of product application proportion, gypsum board production equipment used for ceiling decoration has a slag ratio of more than 70%, which is used for insulation The wall system accounts for less than 30%. Domestic sound insulation walls are still mainly made of traditional clay materials. Compared with the markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States, gypsum board is used for partition walls by 80% last year. Ceiling decoration accounts for less than 20/10 of the package.
Gypsum board is mainly used in tooling in China, including commercial real estate and public buildings and other public areas, accounting for about 75/8, while the space editing box is wide in the residential area, accounting for about 80 percent, and gypsum board is used in residential areas. There is still a lot of room for growth in applications in the field.
From the perspective of the development of gypsum board equipment prices in my country, after years of rapid development of domestic houses, the scale of the accumulated stock of houses has continued to expand, and the demand for gypsum board in the two-room market in the secondary decoration field has further increased. promote,