How to choose gypsum board equipment?

Paper-faced gypsum board occupies a larger and larger share in the building materials market due to its light weight, easy installation, drying operation, excellent fire resistance and novel decorative effect, and the requirements for quality are getting higher and higher. The requirements of gypsum board equipment are becoming more and more stringent. So how to choose gypsum board equipment to adapt to the market?
Please recognize the following points:
1、The appearance of the product is better formed;
2、 The installed capacity should be small;
3、 Product output should be high;
4、 The product rejection rate should be low;
5、The degree of automation should be high;
6、power consumption, energy consumption should be low;
7、 The test cost should be small;
8、maintenance costs should be small;
9、 Equipment operation should be simple;
10、The reputation of the manufacturer is better.