Selection points of gypsum line production equipment

How can customers of gypsum line equipment be stronger in production and operation? It has always been said that attitude determines everything. The actual operation of gypsum line equipment is like this. Appropriate and effective operation steps and the soundness of key points can help the mill to be more efficient. Manufacturing, longer service life, let's take a look at the key points that the gypsum line machinery and equipment must pay attention to.
First, the manufacturer should pay attention to the professional technical training staff assigned by the manufacturer, work handover operation steps, common problems, common fault maintenance solutions, etc. After the training is completed, professional technical personnel should be assigned to carry out guards, as far as possible through training. Staff or staff with work experience, so as to prevent problems caused by accidents in normal work.
Second, after purchasing the gypsum line equipment, it is necessary to formulate a reasonable management method and management system, and carry out regular maintenance and overhaul of the equipment. Grinding rings, grinding rollers, and ash knives are easy to wear. Generally, the grinding rollers need to be replaced after about 500 hours of use. The maximum fee is limited to 10mm. If the damage is serious, it needs to be manufactured, which is very prone to accidental common failures. When the grinding roller is replaced, the roller bearing in the roller sleeve should be completely cleaned, and then the lubricating fluid on the rack should be added, and the severely damaged components should be replaced immediately.
Third, the particle size of the finished raw materials is also controlled, and the uneven size is not good for the equipment. The analyzer speed ratio is an important factor in controlling the particle size of the finished product, and the customer can adjust it according to the particle size requirements.
Fourth, there must be proper startup and shutdown steps, which equipment must be turned on first to put raw materials, the sequence steps of equipment components when they are turned on and off, etc., are all reasonable ways to maintain the mill spare parts and increase the service life. Shutdown pruning also solves the problem of cleaning the equipment, so there can be no other dirty things in the grinding room.