Development direction of gypsum line equipment

The full name of gypsum line equipment is gypsum line assembly line equipment. In industrial production, the operation mode of gypsum line assembly line equipment has a relatively good rhythm, which can not only complete various process requirements of production in production, but also play a better role in the production process. The production technology level of the production enterprise reaches a certain proportion and balance; and through the independently driven variable frequency drive motor, the material can be freely stretched, lifted and lowered. Different needs are an indispensable force for realizing industrial automation. So what is the prospect of gypsum line assembly line equipment?
1. Develop in the direction of intelligence
Artificial intelligence is a new science and technology that enables computers to simulate certain thinking processes and intelligent behaviors of human beings, understand the essence of intelligence, and produce a new intelligent machine that can respond in a similar way to human intelligence. , introduce artificial intelligence technology into automatic assembly line technology, so that automatic assembly line system has expert knowledge, experience and reasoning decision-making ability.
2. Development towards integration
In the production process of the enterprise, product design, production preparation, processing and manufacturing, production management and after-sales service are inseparable. Integration is to provide enterprises with integrated solutions for all aspects of production. Gypsum line equipment is developing towards integration. It can bring obvious practical effect to the enterprise.
3. Development towards multi-function
The design process of gypsum line equipment is a process of solving the constraint satisfaction problem, that is, the constraint description by the given function, structure, material and manufacturing, etc. The feature parameterization and variable design can greatly improve the efficiency of mechanical design. It is one of the urgent goals for the development of gypsum line equipment technology.