How to deal with gypsum board damp?

The gypsum board affected by moisture is caused by the damp and dark environment, and this is partly due to the "breathing" function of the gypsum board itself. His breathing function is not like animals that need to breathe air to survive, but only describes him. moisture absorption and dehumidification ability.
Because the gypsum board manufacturer's gypsum board is a thin sheet with a large number of microporous structures, placed in the natural environment, the characteristics of its porous body will continuously absorb and dehumidify, and play a "breathing" role to maintain dynamic balance.
This unique "breathing" feature can adjust the humidity of living and working environments, avoid discomfort caused by excessive humidity or dryness, prevent condensation, and reduce mold and static electricity.
However, not all gypsum boards have the function of "breathing", only natural gypsum has this function. But now many enterprises use a lot of chemical gypsum, such as phosphogypsum, desulfurization gypsum, etc. There is no drywall that can breathe.
Therefore, the main reason for the dampness of the drying board is environmental factors, but I am introducing environmental factors, of which the quality of the drying board is secondary. In this regard, choosing high-quality gypsum board is a good way to prevent moisture.